Pinnacle View Photography is owned and operated by Jeff Herwood of Stowe, VT. Mr Herwood was recently quoted, “Living in a constantly moving world, the power of photography is its ability to isolate a moment in time that will never exist again.  Moving through time  each moment becomes a further distant memory. Ansel Adams spent as much time dodging and burning in the darkroom not only to perfect his images but also to recreate his moments in Yosemite, his time of creativity, serenity and great passion. Monet pursued not only stopping time but light as well when he spent two years painting the Rouen Cathedral dozens of times at different times of the year. Even the seemingly inconsequential can become consequential when one can isolate that element that we can all relate on an emotional level.

So thats why I love creating photographs,  to capture an essence of the moment in an increasingly busy world to better savor it”.


Yep, thats what he said.














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